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Imagine having your very own eBook on the iPad or Kindle, with features like coloring books, puzzles, a book that reads aloud, and more! All of this is possible, and it's easier than you think!

How cool would it be to create an interactive eBook about Humpty Dumpty, where Humpty only falls off the wall if you shake your iPad?

Or maybe in a Hey, Diddle-Diddle! nursery rhyme ebook, when you touch the Cat, it comes to life with animation and sound -- really playing his fiddle! What about a counting game in a book about colors? You find and touch 10 red items in the picture. When you find them all, you hear a crowd cheering and applauding. Then, the eBook automatically goes to the next page!

In our course, Creating Children's Interactive eBooks Masterclass, we take you step-by-step in using the software,Pubcoder, that will bring your story to life! We show you how to create your own Enhanced or Interactive eBooks, what the difference is between an eBook and an interactive eBook, as well as how to publish your eBooks for iOS, Android, or Amazon Kindle.

About this course

For writers and illustrators, you'll learn new and exciting ways to bring your stories off the page! Narrate your eBook, or have the characters in your story narrate the eBook using Pubcoder’s Read Aloud feature. You can even add quizzes at the end of your story!

For parents and grandparents, imagine the joy your child will feel reading an interactive ebook that THEY THEMSELVES wrote and helped create! Teachers, you could even create educational ebooks with stories and quizzes!

Not technically savvy? No worries, we've got you covered! Our course has thoroughly detailed HD video tutorials that are beginner-friendly -- even something complex, like Humpty Dumpty falling when you shake your iPad, is a simple series of steps using Pubcoder’s easy-to-use interface.

Familiar with web design and JavaScript? In addition to showing you the basics of working in Pubcoder, this course also shows how to write in your own custom codes.

The Creating Children's Interactive eBooks Masterclass is currently live in beta testing but is still available for enrollment.

In this Interactive eBook course you'll learn…

To add Video & Sound

Add animations
Add Custom Fonts

Create Read Aloud features

Coloring games

How to add a quizzes

Add Counting games

Creating chapter books

Trigger animations by Shaking your eBook

How to add your own Custom Code

Exporting iOS Apps

Exporting Android Apps

...and more

What Students have said about our eBook Courses:

Quick and Easy! ★★★★★

If you are wanting a quick and easy guide to start creating your own interactive e-book then this is the course for you. It leads you through each basic step in an easy and comprehensive manner that anyone who knows how to use a computer could get. My little brother who is 11 years old watched this with me and understood how to create an e-book for this. I have taken several of Tony Ross's classes over the past few years. Each time I take a course I learn something new in a way that leaves me feeling confident in my abilities and gives me the courage to get started.
Josephine S.

An innovative and creative teacher ★★★★★

This course is awesome! The well planned and throughout lessons are very easy to follow and comprehensible. I teach media arts at Belaire High School and my students will enjoy interactive and engaging courses like these. Thank you for sharing this course!!!
Richard W.

From a Beginner ★★★★☆

Everything was explained in terms that a beginner could easily understand, and I am nothing if not a beginner when it comes to eBooks. After the course I believe the process is easy enough to follow to create a quality professional looking end result. The idea of creating something like this seemed daunting at first but after this course the only intimidating factor I can think of is coming up with an idea of a book at all. Will definitely look for more advanced courses.

Kevin T.

You're a Great Teacher! ★★★★★

Loved the teaching! Ready to enroll in the advance course!

Joyce E.



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Tony Ross has more than a decade of professional freelance and teaching experience as a former professor of electronic arts at the Atlanta College of Art. Specializing in animation, interactivity, multimedia, motion graphics, and web applications and design, his expertise in the arts also extends to the fields of graphic design and illustration. As the creator and owner of &, his tutorials have been featured on Creative Cow, Toon Boom, Gomediazine,, Infinite SKills,, and his impressive roster of clients has included Dabel Brothers, Marvel Comics, The Freedom Toast, and Dean Koontz.