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In this INTRO course, You can Learn How to Simply Create Interactive eBooks, Without Having to Write a Single Line of Code!

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Did you know that you could easily adapt your children's book, to an interactive eBook with animation and sound? Imagine having your very own eBook on the iPad, or Kindle, with features like coloring books, puzzles, or even a book that reads aloud! Well, there is a FREE course, that shows you how to do just that! ENROLL NOW!


About this course…

About 2 years ago, I was watching my little girl reading along with, and playing games with an eBook on the Kindle. With all of the sounds, and animations, it reminded me of the interactive CD-Roms I used to create in the 90’s - and how cool would it be to make eBooks for my daughter! So, I wondered, what software were they using to create these eBooks & apps, and could I learn, and teach it? After months of searching, trial and error, I came up with a way to make my own interactive eBooks… but, it was a far more complicated than I wanted. The problem was it involved several programs, as well as writing and tweaking code.

Then, I found it, an eBook publishing solution that handled EVERYTHING, and I didn't have to write a single line of code!

This software does all the heavy lifting on the back end, and leaves your mind free to create your masterpiece!

This software is so simple, I can teach you the basics in just over 30 minutes!

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How to Create a Children's Interactive eBook


  • 01 Welcome & Introduction to ePub3 Software
  • Exercise Files
  • 02 How to Import Images
  • 03 Adding Fonts and Formatting Text
  • 04 Adding new pages to your eBook
  • 05 Creating a Drag-and-Drop Object
  • 06 How to Add Page Navigation
  • 07 How to Export Your Finished eBook/ePub
  • Q&A Forum for How to Create a Children's Interactive eBook (BASIC)


Easy to listen and lots to learn

From Chris Cartledge

The narrator is very easy to listen to and he covers the program from beginning to end very well. This is a powerful program and it can be overwhelming learning new software. This guy keeps is sim...

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Create Your Own Children's Interactive eBook

From Ionie Liburd Willett

I clicked on this free course to get a student perspective but found that I could easily follow and make interactive eBooks. The instructions were clear and simple. I will share with my 14 year old...

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Innovative and creative teacher

From Richard Walls

This course is awesome! The well planned and throughout lessons are very easy to follow and comprehensible. I teach media arts at Belaire High School and my students will enjoy interactive and enga...

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Great information but want to know more!

From Batool Ashraf

This course is useful. Please provide information how can we make multiple drag objects with multiple drop zones?

From Matt Rinc

You're a Great Teacher!

From Joyce Evans

Loved the teaching! Ready to enroll in the advance course!

Quick and easy!

From josephine rs

If you are wanting a quick and easy guide to start creating your own interactive e-book then this is the course for you. It leads you through each basic step in a easy and comprehensive manner that...

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From a beginner

From kevin Trotter

Everything was explained in terms that a beginner could easily understand, and I am nothing if not a beginner when it comes to eBooks. After the course I believe the process is easy enough to follo...

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Tony Ross

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Tony Ross has more than a decade of professional freelance and teaching experience as a former professor of electronic arts at the Atlanta College of Art. Specializing in animation, interactivity, multimedia, motion graphics, and web applications and design, his expertise in the arts also extends to the fields of graphic design and illustration. As the creator and owner of &, his tutorials have been featured on Creative Cow, Toon Boom, Gomediazine,, Infinite SKills,, and his impressive roster of clients has included Dabel Brothers, Marvel Comics, The Freedom Toast, and Dean Koontz.

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